How to grow Free Fire gaming channel for YouTube

How to grow Free Fire gaming channel for YouTube

How to grow Free Fire gaming channel for YouTube

In this article, we will learn a few of the ways to grow your gaming channel for youtube in free fire competitive games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. We will also discuss about how to increase our viewer count on Youtube. So let’s start

How To Establish An Effective And Attractive Game Channel On Youtube?

You can start an effective game channel if you decide to write or make video articles. However, it’s important to have a website for your content and other important things, as I mentioned above. You can set up yours as shown below.

It is best to get some good organic traffic to your site from search engines like Google (if you don’t have any) or YouTube to be able to generate more content. It’s not that easy to gain as much as many views as without quality content. I will show you some tips that help with growing your game channel on Youtube. But before that, please check out these ways.

Share Your Content On Facebook Or Twitter

First thing first, write videos on social media platforms such as Youtube and Facebook to share your content. But remember to upload on both sites to ensure that people start watching your channels on their respective social media pages. Always remember that you should have at least one post per day on each platform. That helps the Youtube algorithm to rank you better in terms of quantity of views and viewers.

You can find my youtube channel under “Channel”

Make Sure That The Video Is Less Than 1 Minute Each | Watch-Through Videos

This is important because when you do play-throughs in games, most users ignore them. Not only does it frustrate others but makes viewers lose interest. They might not want to watch full scenes of the game to see all the different options. If you create interesting videos through screenshots or screen captures, you will attract the attention of most gamers. Make sure that whenever you are playing a game that the gameplay lasts less than 1 minute. Don’t forget to include the name of game as well as its genre as well as type of game, so followers can know what kind of videos they can enjoy.

Don’t Forget About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is important for Youtube content creators to understand where and how Google Rank. There are several factors that affect Google Ranking like Title, Description, Keywords, and Meta tags. By including these things to your videos, you are bound to attract a lot of new viewers to your channel. Moreover, you should always try to keep your videos at least 10 seconds long if you are posting a description video of a game. Keep it short and don’t use hashtags even your title tag tag, so Google won’t know who uploaded the video. So don’t overdo that.

YouTube Search Console

You can go here to explore youtube search console, so you can verify the keywords that the creator has tried to search for. You can filter the keyword by using keyword modifiers to see which keywords you want your videos to optimize. For example, #Fortnite #YouTube is searched a lot but isn’t it strange that Youtube shows it with 4 stars? This means that your video should include all the relevant keywords along with your keyword modifier tags to be listed among the top four results.

Also, keep your videos around 30 seconds long, otherwise, google won’t allow Youtube-generated videos (aka flash and teaser videos).

How To Create Engaging & Valuable Content Every Day

Make sure that you keep uploading content regularly to update the videos. I think making a new video every week is a great idea. Also, try writing a book of a game to tell interesting stories. Remember to use the right words and grammar so that your readers like your work. Ensure that your videos are informative, entertaining, interesting, and educative too.

Apart from these useful tips, sometimes I am inspired and try to do something new, so you should keep doing that too. Try doing something cool like editing videos and post them online. Make sure to make them engaging and valuable.


So there were some important points to note. As soon as you start creating videos about a certain topic, then Youtube will become your hub to drive viewers to your channel without knowing, like me the way I do.


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