Andrew Tate is a highly regarded TV presenter who has worked on several different shows, such as The
Great British Bake Off and Strictly Come Dancing. He was recently crowned the winner of Strictly 2020 in October 2021.
As well as being a professional baker he also hosts many successful cooking competitions as one of his special guests including Dipping Bread Winners, which he has also hosted for nearly 15 years.

Andrew Tate’s family background is quite extensive with him being born in Scotland, having lived there for most of his childhood, but moving to England when he was five years old to live at home with mum. Due to the huge distance between them, Tate moved back to Scotland at school aged 10 where he studied English Literature. This followed his love for baking cakes and desserts, which he did until high school. When he returned to London at fifteen years old he started working in a bakery at sixteen. In 1990 after his second daughter arrived he became an accountant working in tax and business management but soon became interested in presenting and began hosting television audiences.

He first appeared on BBC1's popular comedy series Top Of The Pops in 1996. When he was eight years old he went on to present CBeebies while his mother was a domestic worker. As her career progressed Andrew became less focused on work as it became more about her caring for her house rather than doing anything really worthwhile. Soon, this made Andrew realize that she wasn't as suitable to spend her time with their sons, so he left his job and family behind to focus solely on his children. A chance to pursue other passions like acting came up and Andrew tried out some auditions, however, being only seven years old Andrew couldn't even look the part properly and ended up receiving an "adult" role with a young boy. His next big break was a stint presenting documentaries on the History channel at thirteen and he continued to host his own Channel 4 channel, Little Mix from fourteen years old and went on to become one the main presenters on MTV. In 2014 Andrew got into a relationship with Melanie and they were happily together for ten years before finally splitting in 2018.
Tate is now living on his own outside Scotland and is currently expecting another baby with his fiancé Emma Mitchell.
Andrew Tate’s personal life so far includes getting engaged to fellow broadcaster Melissa Anderson on Valentine’s Day. However, sadly they had to postpone due to Covid-19 and later started a romance with Zoe Ball, to whom he proposed on their wedding day. Their engagement was announced in February 2020, although the pair split just a few months later. After the news broke Andrew met Zoe in a pub at their flat in May and got down on his knees. It is believed the couple is currently planning a future together, so will be having a baby sometime in 2022.
In August 2021 Andrew gave fans an insight into what a typical evening in the kitchen might look like including how he prepares breakfast. But aside from preparing the food he also does the shopping and makes beds. You can follow Andrew on Instagram here.

Andrew Tate was born in the middle of Glasgow on 25 July 1983. He moved to Manchester as a child, where he studied drama at schools such as Eton College and Harrow School. At age 16 he transferred to Cambridge University and studied at the prestigious Drama Centre, graduating in March 1998. While studying he won the Bafta Rising Star Award for Outstanding Dramatic Performance at the 2002 Venice Film Festival and again in 2005 for Best Supporting Actor at the Cannes Film Festival for Roma. In 2003 Andrew took his own steps and launched his own independent production company called Andrew Tate Productions with a £25,000 investment. Since then he and his team have produced some award-winning shows including The Young Vic Christmas Carol and Gogglebox Presents Christmas Carol. In 2006 he launched a new production company called TATP Films - the name comes from his favorite theme tune of the song by John Lennon & Yoko Ono, originally written by Alan Baddeley. That year TATP created four short films and released these as online DVDs. These include Love Actually (2005), Someone Like Me (2005), Cringeworthy (2005), and An Ideal Family (2011). Between 2011 and 2019 Andrew was responsible for producing and directing the 2015 film Rival Games starring Katherine Waterston and Paul Bettany. From 2016 to 2017 Andrew worked on the Disney+ miniseries The Legend Of Tarzan, alongside Jaden Smith and Nick Jonas. During that period he also acted in several theatrical productions including the musical Dear Evan Hansen.

Andrew Tate is still busy developing a lot of projects including creating a variety of commercials and tv spots to bring in revenues. Some of these include a spot for McDonald’s and Starbucks in West End and McDonald’s advertising on social media and advertisements on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Aside from appearing in adverts he also works as a producer for various music videos and commercials. And to keep up with all the changes Andrew keeps posting regular updates on his work on his YouTube channel and Tik Tok page. And if you want to know what else Andrew has going on check out his latest video! Here’s a link to the trailer.

To conclude Andrew Tate was awarded the Most Valuable Professionals Award in January 2007 while he was given the Creative Arts Emmy Award in 2010, which is the highest award presented by Creative Arts. Andrew Tate is also a finalist for multiple awards while he is nominated in several categories throughout the UK and internationally.


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